Deep Thoughts on Week 3 of the 2011 NFL Season

Mike Vick really needs to shut the hell up.  I understand that Vick is frustrated right now.  He hasn’t finished the last two games.  He’s banged up with a bruised non-throwing hand (I think it’s broken).  He did get some questionable hits, and is not treated the same as Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning.  Having said that, dude should really count his blessings.  It was only a few years ago that he served a jail sentence for dog-fighting and killing dogs.  Now he’s back with another $100 million contract, and should be able to pay off his creditors in a few years.  Trust me when I say that a lot of cats who were incarcerated would absolutely LOVE to trade places with Vick – injuries and all.  But Vick is not the only one who needs to STFU…

So does DeAngelo Hall.  I cannot believe this fool has the nerve to open is pie-hole after Monday night’s loss where he was torched most of the game.  So much for living up to your promise to knocking out Romo, eh D?  If that wasn’t bad enough, dude had the nerve to sound off on his defensive coordinator Jim Haslett after the game!  Hall claimed that the defensive play-calling was predictable after the game, saying that the Cowboys would pick up on it eventually.  Well D, the reason why Haslett made those calls (as ridiculous as they may have been) because he thought that YOU would not get toasted by Romo and Dez Bryant.  Hall has never been a team guy.  STFU, dude.

My Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive line will cost them in the playoffs.  Anyone who saw that alleged offensive line for the Steelers Sunday night against the Colts needs to do two things: 1) pray for Big Ben’s safety and 2) call out the front office for not adding valuable offensive linemen over the last few years.  I mean it’s no wonder why the Steelers have trouble sustaining drives and establishing a running game.  If my wife, mother, grandmother and I could rack up three sacks against that sorry-ass offensive line.  And only gets worse: next week my Steelers have to face the Houston Texans, led by Mario Williams and that revamped pass-rush.  OY!!!

The Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills are for real.  Click here for why I think they are.

The NFC West is one “turrible” division.  I cannot believe that this division is still in existence.  The San Francisco 49ers appear to be the best of out that lousy lot, and they may not win more than eight games this season!  I had high (slightly high) hopes for the Arizona Cardinals before they got beat by the Seattle Seahawks (really?).  The St. Louis Rams are winless and hurting on the offensive side of the ball.  The NFL needs to reconsider home-field advantage in the first round if a division winner has a worse record than a wildcard team…

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  1. Things look like they’re only getting worse for the Steelers offensive line. Mike Tomlin put out an open call for veteran lineman to come just for bodies on the practice field. I know they went to the Super Bowl last year with a patchwork offensive line, but that’s playing with fire and they’re starting to get burned.

  2. I agree with you on the re-thinking of homefield advantage. My solution would be to combine’s what I’d do…keep the East and North together and rename them North/South or West/East…8 teams per division…split up the West and South…so we’d have:
    1. Dallas
    2. Washington
    3. Philadelphia
    4. New York
    5. Tampa Bay
    6. New Orleans
    7. Arizona
    8. St. Louis

    1. Green Bay
    2. Chicago
    3. Minnesota
    4. Detroit
    5. Atlanta
    6. Carolina
    7. San Francisco
    8. Seattle

    My split is mostly based on regional locations. Conference winners get first round bye..Wild cards are truly wild cards and best record/divisional record/point differential. Each team would play 14 games in division AND either 2 games against other division(my preference) or 2 games against AFC foes which would have similar system and would match up nicely. There are pluses and minuses. How about it?

  3. @SamdaMan

    This dog won’t hunt. In an 8 team division, there’s no way teams to play each other twice. That lucrative home and home rivalry is very important, especially in the NFC East. The AFC North, NFC North and AFC West also enjoy great rivalries that span generations.

    Also, for the sorry teams like the Bengals, home games with the Steelers and Browns are their only sellouts.

    Having one sad division out of eight doesn’t really hurt the league. You’re guaranteed a Cinderella team which the media loves.

    However, you could make a rule that if you don’t have a winning record, your opponent can claim the home game.

    • Here’s how I would set this up.

      I would not grant home-field to a division winner with a sub-.500 or even a .500 record. Mediocrity cannot be rewarded. Hell I would do the same if a team finished 9-7 if the the lower-seeded team had a better record…

  4. Agreed. But I don’t want an NBA situation where the better record gets the home game. Some divisions are tougher than others. Winning a division at 9-7 with four good teams might be more impressive than being 10-6 with two sorry teams that you got 4 gimme wins from.

    I say, if you win your division and have 9 or more wins, the home game is yours.

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