2011 NFL Week 3 Preview

Game of the Week

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills.  Color my ass intrigued with this matchup.  Both teams are 2-0 and sport high-powered offenses.  Only thing is, the Patriots have owned the Bills the last few seasons (I think only one loss to them over the last 8 or so years).  I must say the Bills are playing with enormous amounts of confidence.  And you know Ralph Wilson Stadium will be rocking.  It’s just that the Patriots have been there before, and won’t be freaked out heading into an early big divisional game on the road.  Patriots 30, Bills 20.

Ass-whupping of the Week

Chargers over Chiefs.  The Chargers have a high-powered offense – the Chiefs do not.  The Chargers have a top-5 QB – the Chiefs do not.  The Chargers can hang 30 on almost anyone – the Chiefs can not.  The Chargers are pissed-off from last week’s loss in New England and will be playing at home.  All of those factors spell doom for the sorry-ass Chiefs.  Chargers 35, Chiefs 13.

Sunday’s Games

Panthers over Jaguars (Cam Newton should win the “Rookie Bowl”)
Bengals over 49ers
Browns over Dolphins
Lions over Vikings
Saints over Texans (back to earth for the Texans)
Eagles over Giants
Titans over Broncos
Raiders over Jets
Ravens over Rams
Packers over Bears
Cardinals over Seachickens
Falcons over Buccaneers
Steelers over Colts

Monday’s Game

Cowboys over Redskins

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