Newton Is Well on His Way, but it’s Early…

Cam Newton had one hell of an NFL debut.

Newton passed for 422 yards and two touchdowns, ran for 18 yards and a touchdown, and an excessive celebration penalty to boot.  So surely Newton has arrived, right?

Not necessarily.

Keep in mind that this is the first regular season in Newton’s career.  Having said that, there is a lot to like about his debut.

It’s obvious that he is a natural leader.  The way he energized WR Steve Smith (eight catches for 178 yards and two TDs), spoke volumes.  I could clearly see Newton’s teammates rallying around him on offense.

Look, Newton is CLEARLY an upgrade over second-year scrub Jimmy Clausen (what a disaster his ass was last season).  I just think it’s too early to crown Newton.  The last thing you want to do is to inflate a rookie QB’s ego too soon.

As long as Newton keeps working hard, he will be fine.  The Panthers are in good hands with Newton…


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  1. klownboy says:

    Give it up to Cam for passing for yet ANOTHER 400 yards last Sunday…

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