Steelers Need to Man Up FAST

As I watched the demolition that was the Baltimore Ravens’ 35-7 pounding over my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday, a few words came to mind.




All I could do in the end was laugh.  I laughed when Ben Roethlisberger turned over the ball again and again in the second half, especially after the Steelers moved the ball into scoring range.  I laughed the hardest when the Ravens ran a slick two-point conversion where the holder simply ran through the left side of the line in the second half to make it 29-7.

Sidebar: I do not mind NFL teams running up the score on each other.  Players get paid to make plays.  If teams do not like that, then work harder to stop it.

It’s obvious that the Steelers failed to make the plane trip to Baltimore.  They simply took the Ravens for granted.  The Steelers assumed that they would find a way to beat Baltimore again.

The Steelers D was non-existent the entire game.  Anyone hear from Troy Polamalu?  Were there any LaMarr Woodley sightings?  When are we going to start accounting for Ray Rice?

Meanwhile, the Ravens wanted it more.  It was obvious that the Ravens were pissed at the following:

  • Being called the Steelers’ little brother
  • Listening to the trash talk coming from Pittsburgh
  • Losing to the Steelers in heart-breaking fashion

I’ll tell you what, the Steelers can go one of two ways: fold and keep their heads down, or man up and take it out on subsequent opponents.  The Ravens made it clear that they will not be going anywhere and will be a force to be reckoned with in the AFC North and in the AFC as a whole.

God bless the Seattle Seahawks (Steelers’ Week 2 opponent).  They will need all the prayer requests they can get…

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  1. Your attitude is refreshing. I live in DC and experience a lot of annoying Steelers fans.
    This was a humbling loss. I believe the Steelers will rebound big time and go deep in playoffs. The Steelers organization is the best in all sports. Period. Nice blog by the way.

    • Thanks for the props!

      Well, if this loss to the Ravens doesn’t wake my Steelers up, nothing will. I think I can hear Mike Tomlin chewing out his players during film session right now…


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