Deep Thoughts on Week 1 in the NFL…

It feels so good to spend hours at the local sports bar (Champps here in Raleigh, NC) watching Week 1 games, it feels better analyzing those games.  LONG LIVE THE NFL!!!

At any rate, here are my thoughts on Week 1 of the 2o11 NFL season:

Either the Buffalo Bills are that good, or the Kansas City Chiefs are that bad.  The score said it all: 41-7.  Are you friggin’ kidding me?  I don’t know which is more unbelievable: Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing for four TDs or the Chiefs getting beat down at home to the Bills.  I figured the Chiefs would come back to earth, but not crash-landing like this.  Chiefs QB Matt Cassel better get right soon, or his team may figure in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes…

The Baltimore Ravens are the new sheriffs in the AFC North.  The Ravens bludgeoned the hell out of my Steelers.  In fact, it was so bad, I ranted about it earlier in the week.

Cam Newton is going to be alright.  Check this post for more.

The Denver Broncos are a mess.  It’s hard to believe that this proud franchise is in the dumps.  In fact, it’s harder to believe that this was once one of the more stable and successful franchises in the NFL.  Now their “quarterback controversy” has become fodder for fans, thanks to ESPN turning ANOTHER non-story into a story.  Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton?  Give it a rest!  By the way, we can thank former coach Josh McDaniels for creating this mess…

Indianapolis screwed up in developing a No. 2 QB behind Peyton Manning.  The Colts are a well-run organization that normally gets things right – just not in this case.  I’ve always wondered what the Colts would do if Manning went down.  He made what is an ordinary wide receiver corps (Reggie Wayne notwithstanding) into a potent unit because he spreads the ball around.  Plus he always made his calls at the line of scrimmage, always adjusting to the defensive personnel on the field.  The fact of the matter is only Manning can run this rather complicated offense, and the loss to the Houston Texans showed how much he will be missed.  The Colts are staring at a 6-10 season.

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