The World’s Quickest Super Bowl 57 Preview

Super Bowl 57 is FINALLY here.

I recent shot a short video where I previewed the game. So here will be just a tad bit more in depth.

(Again, as I said many times before, I don’t get paid for all the extra shit).

I must say this will be one of the most intriguing Super Bowl matchups in recent memory. The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles are the two best teams in the NFL — and it’s more than just record-wise.

Both offenses are among the top three in the NFL yardage-wise, with Kansas City ranked #1 and Philly #3. They also ranked the same in scoring (Buffalo is ranked second in both categories).

Their defenses are the best in terms of getting after the quarterback. The Eagles lead the NFL with 70 sacks (!!), while the Chiefs finished second with 55.

So to me, this will come down to the play in the trenches. While it would be easy to say that whoever’s QB is the cleanest by game’s end will win, I think the biggest differences will be in the running game.

Philly loves to run the football, and they do it well. The Eagles’ offensive line is widely considered to be the best in the league. And if their running game gets going, it will wear down the Chiefs’ defensive front. That also means that two-time MVP winner Patrick Mahomes will be spending more time on the sideline.

I just don’t see the Chiefs stopping the Eagles’ run game, which also means I think Philly will win their second Super Bowl. It’ll be a fun and competitive game to watch, though…

Eagles 27, Chiefs 24

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