2022 NFL Week 8 Preview

Game of the Week

Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills

I pick this game solely on the entertainment factor. Aaron Rodgers vs. Josh Allen is a quarterback fans dream, so expect lots of offense. Too bad most of the offense will come from the Bills’ side…

Bills 35, Packers 20

Thursday’s Game

Bucs over Ravens

Sunday’s Game

Broncos over Jaguars
Falcons over Panthers
Cowboys over Bears (I hope Chicago proves me wrong and hand Dallas an embarrassing loss)
Dolphins over Lions
Vikings over Cardinals
Saints over Raiders
Jets over Patriots
Eagles over Steelers
Titans over Texans
Colts over Commanders
Rams over 49ers
Seahawks over Giants

Monday’s Game

Bengals over Browns

Last week’s record: 10-3 (MUCH BETTER…)
Season to date: 44-31*

*-Didn’t start picking games until Week 3

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