2022 Week 7 NFL Preview

Game of the Week

No game really sticks out as a “must-watch”, and couple that with some huge college football matchups this coming Saturday, it’s gonna be ‘let-down Sunday’ for your boy..

Thursday’s Game

Cardinals over Saints

Sunday’s Game

Bengals over Falcons
Cowboys over Lions
Titans over Colts
Packers over Commanders
Giants over Jaguars
Ravens over Browns
Jets over Broncos (am I picking the Jets in a ROAD GAME???)
Chargers over Seahawks
Raiders over Texans
Chiefs over 49ers
Dolphins over Steelers

Monday’s Game

Patriots over Bears

Last week’s record: 9-5 (got off to a rock start, but recovered well)
Season to date: 34-28*

*-Didn’t start picking games until Week 3

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