Browns Did Baker Dirty in Pursuit of Deshaun Watson

In my years of watching and consuming all things NFL, I have never seen anything like this.

A team openly pursues a star QB when it already has a viable starter on the roster — and that starter was a former #1 overall pick who was thought to be their QB of the future. We all thought Baker Mayfield was the latter. Hell, I’m sure Baker himself thought that he was the latter.

Apparently, the Cleveland Browns thought different.

The Browns’ VERY public pursuit of Deshaun Watson had led to what I believe to be “irreconcilable differences” between the team and Mayfield. Mayfield took to social media to publicly thank the city of Cleveland and Browns fans for supporting him and professed his love for both.

Hell, I don’t blame Mayfield for wanting out. Even if the Watson trade does not work out, why stay at a place where you are clearly no longer wanted?

Forget being subtle, the Browns apparently didn’t give two damns about Mayfield’s feelings because instead of doing so clandestine-style via the middle of the night — or even ZOOM — they made that shit public.

As much as I hate the Browns, I really do feel bad for Mayfield. All he did was give it his all for an organization that had four coaches during his four seasons in Cleveland.

Not only should Mayfield want out of Cleveland, he should be VERY public about it…

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