2021 NFL Preview: Week 2

I forgot to pick my games for last week, and let me tell you all something: my ass would have been cooked.

There were quite a few upsets last weekend.

My Steelers pulling off a win at Buffalo. Cincinnati beating Minnesota in overtime. Philly curb-stomping the hell of out the Falcons in Atlanta. And how about those lowly Houston Texans spanking the Jaguars?

At least one thing went right for me: the Dallas Cowboys lost.

Now as for Week 2’s games, ONWARD…

Thursday’s Game

Washington over Giants

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Raiders
Saints over Panthers
Bears over Bengals
Browns over Texans
Rams over Colts
Broncos over jaguars
Bills over Dolphins
Patriots over Jets
49ers over Eagles
Cardinals over Vikings
Buccaneers over Falcons
Chargers over Cowboys
Seahawks over Titans
Chiefs over Ravens

Monday’s Game

Packers over Lions

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  1. I agree with all of your predictions except two picks. The Chicago Bears won’t win a game until Matt Nagy benches the Rusty Red Rifle and starts Justin Fields. I had doubts about Joe Burrow coming back from back from last year’s devastating knee injury last year. After last week’s performance against Minnesota – no doubts anymore.

    Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are a better team than most fans realize. SF has been hit yet again with the injury bug. With Raheem Mostert out for the season and the Niners traveling east for an early game, I see the upstart Eagles winning this one. Fly Eagles Fly!

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