Fellow NFL Fans: It’s Too Damn Early to Panic!

I get it.

After the first game of the NFL season (and college season, for that matter), we are all quick to assess and judge our favorite teams. Even though the regular season is a marathon and not a quick sprint.

Does my team suck THAT bad? Is my team THAT good? Are we playoff-bound? Are we Super Bowl bound? Should I start panicking?

It doesn’t help that analysts on ESPN and Fox Sports are already pontificating on such things, stoking the masses who tune in and click on the articles online.

Look, you know this Pittsburgh Steelers fan was hyped after we went into Buffalo and upset the Bills. The way my Steelers won despite a so-so performance from my QB and offense left me feeling REALLY good.

On the flip-side, I also know that success can be fleeting.

Check out last year’s Steelers. Remember that 11-0 start and how the season and playoffs ended for Pittsburgh? So did I.

So fans of the aforementioned Bills, I still think you guys are gonna win the AFC East. Packer Nation, Green Bay is gonna be just fine. Ditto for those goddammed Browns and Ravens.

As for Bengals fans, yes your boys won, but I wouldn’t get too hyped — y’all team is the Bengals, after all.

So let’s all take a chill pill, and enjoy what promises to be an exciting NFL season. Or as my podcast partner Duane Nash once eloquently said, “let the pizza bake”…

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