2021 NFL Preview: NFC North

Predicted order of finish:

  1. Green Bay Packers
  2. Chicago Bears
  3. Minnesota Vikings
  4. Detroit Lions


Outside of the Packers, this is a division in transition.

Green Bay still has Aaron Rodgers at QB, even though both he and the team brass doesn’t want him to be there. Even still, the Packers, with WR Davante Adams, will be still be damn near unstoppable on offense in this division. And that will be enough for the Packers to win this division.

The Bears may be starting rookie Justin Fields at QB sooner rather than later, depending on how much Andy Dalton stinks up the joint. They are still very good defensively, but I think they are an Aaron Rodgers leaving Green Bay away from taking this division.

Is this the last year of QB Kirk Cousins as a member of the Vikings?

Minnesota has stud WRs Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. It has RB Dalvin Cook toting the rock. Cousins has no excuse to come up short in leading the Vikings to the division title. Unfortunately, he is Kirk Cousins, so…

Ah, those damn Lions are around — in last place. Again.

Doesn’t matter if it’s newly acquired QB Jared Goff slinging the rock, as long as the Lions are still in Detroit, owned by the Ford family, and sport that nauseating UNC-like blue, they will still suck.

And that new head coach? I’ll be saying a few prayers for Lions fans everywhere…

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