Packers Should Not Be Surprised Aaron Rodgers Wants Out

Imagine your wife goes to a party, then flirts with several men at said event.

She keeps “networking” throughout the night until she finds a young man who intrigues her. He makes her feel good about herself: constantly boosting her confidence, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, and makes her feel young again. Also mix in the fact that he is a good-looking cat.

So your wife proceeds to get his number, goes back home, and then proceeds to have a scandalous romance behind your back. Only you find out and make her say that you are STILL her one and only.

And while your wife constantly reassures you of that, she still keeps the young buck around. So you, the hard-working beleaguered husband, are FED UP.

The Green Bay Packers (wifey) can’t be surprised that Aaron Rodgers (the crapped-upon husband) now wants out.

The Packers had the nerve to draft his successor in Jordan Love (the interloper) last season when they needed a play-maker along side Davante Adams — a season where Rodgers actually carried them to within a game of the Super Bowl. Rodgers played even better this season and came THIS CLOSE to playing in Super Bowl LV.

And yes, Rodgers has played the “Petty Card” (and rightfully so) and demanded more money for his MVP performance last season, and apparently the Packers haven’t given into his demands. But after the way they treated Rodgers the last couple of seasons, could you blame him?

The Packers made it clear that Rodgers was no longer in their plans. Drafting Love in the first round (after TRADING UP to get him) made that abundantly clear.

The folks in the front office (including head coach Matt LeFleur) made that bed, so they gotta lay their asses in it…

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  1. Last year, Green Bay traded up in the first round to select a QB (Jordan Love) instead of filling their immediate needs at offensive tackle or guard to provide Aaron Rodgers with the help they needed to reach the Super Bowl. They didn’t even consult him or tell him of their plans. I’m sure SF, Denver or NE Patriots would be willing to make a trade and are viable teams to compete right away.

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