I’m Not Mad at the B1G for Allowing Ohio State to Play for Conference Title

A lot of people have been either complaining about or clowning the Big 10 Conference for reversing their decision on minimal games played to allow Ohio State to play for the conference football title.

Most fans have complained about how Ohio State’s name-recognition allowed this to happen. In most cases, they would be right. However in this case, I would argue that the B1G actually got this one right.

Let’s face it, Ohio State IS the best team in the B1G. Indiana had its shot, but they blew it when they lost to the Buckeyes. Let’s not forget Ohio State curb-stomped Michigan State minus 26 players due to COVID.

Northwestern had a damn good season, but do you think the Wildcats are better than Ohio State? Sure, we’ll find out in the conference title game, but come on. And don’t even think about Iowa.

In the B1G, it’s Ohio State’s world and everyone else is living in it.

But you know what, the B1G folks could have avoided all this criticism if it didn’t prematurely shut down its season. When they saw the likes of the American Athletic and especially the Sun Belt conferences get a whole lot of love the first month and a half of the season, you knew B1G leadership was like “uh-oh, we done fucked up”.

The B1G came back late, and left their teams with no wiggle room with eight games over the last eight weeks of the season. The worst part about this was the rule put in place saying that a team had to play at least six games to qualify for the B1G title game. So if you are keeping score at home, that’s two fuck-ups for the B1G.

Moral of the story: don’t be a preening grandstander and rush to foolhardy decisions.

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