2020 Week 2 NFL Preview

Before last weekend, I didn’t think I would be creating weekly NFL previews, with this COVID-19 damndemic and all. Alas, here we are — and it feels pretty damn good.

To those fans whose squads lost in Week 1: to quote A-aron Rodgers, “RELAAAAAAX”. It’s a long season, and given that no one had any preseason games, there are going to be some kinks that needed to be worked out. So take a chill pill, and enjoy this Week 2 NFL preview:

Thursday’s Game

Browns over Bengals

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Broncos
Bears over Giants
Cowboys over Falcons
Packers over Lions
Titans over Jaguars
Colts over Vikings
Bills over Dolphins
49ers over Jets
Rams over Eagles
Buccaneers over Panthers (Brady’s gonna be alright, folks)
Cardinals over Washington
Chiefs over Chargers
Ravens over Texans
Seahawks over Patriots (it’s been real, Cam)

Monday’s Game

Saints over Raiders (NFL in Las Vegas: AWESOME)

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