Criticism of Steve Nash Hire Is Understandable, Yet Misguided

When I first learned of Steve Nash being hired as the new HEAD COACH of the Brooklyn Nets, a wave of emotions washed over me.

Shock. Befuddled. Shock again.

Then I had another emotion: resentment. Resentment over the fact that Nash has never coached a game in his life, and there are all these black candidates out here who are more qualified. Isn’t Nash a SOCCER ANALYST somewhere right now?


For a league who preaches #BlackLivesMatter, it sure looked as if the NBA totally skirted that process because it wanted another Steve Kerr to shake things up. Not a great look in the current social climate. Hell, look at what Stephen A. Smith had to say:

You heard him right: white privilege. There’s something to be said to that.

However, as I marinated on this hiring some more, I realized that I may not have been fair on the matter.

We all know that when it comes to job opportunities, it’s not about who you know or even WHAT you know: it’s about WHO KNOWS YOU. Nets’ general manager Sean Marks was a teammate of Nash in Phoenix. What’s even more important is that one of the superstars on the team, Kevin Durant, knows and respects Nash.

There are indeed some black head coaches who have also been hired with zero experience. Doc Rivers. Derek Fisher. Jason Kidd. The aforementioned Jackson. Those cats benefited from the right people knowing who knew them.

Rivers and Kidd are both respected and still coaching in these playoffs, albeit in different capacities. Fisher is coaching in the WNBA. And while I STILL don’t know why Jackson hasn’t gotten at least another interview, he is as respected as a basketball color commentator for ESPN/ABC.

And remember that Steve Kerr fella? He did win two NBA titles. Maybe that will happen to Nash?

Let’s just let the pizza bake to find out. Only time will tell…

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