Cowboys Playing Game of Chicken with Dalton Signing

The Dallas Cowboys would have you believe that the Andy Dalton signing was not a leverage play, but rather a move made for depth. My response to that: who the hell are they kidding?

Dalton, who was released by the Cincinnati Bengals last Thursday, agreed to a one-year deal with the Cowgals over the weekend. And while I get that it pays to have a competent back-up QB in case the #1 goes down (see my 2019 Pittsburgh Steelers for the worst case scenario), that signing was a straight up power play against Dak Prescott and his agent. Especially when said back-up is SO SIMILAR in terms of career accomplishments.

In first four seasons with the Bengals, Dalton had a 40-23-1 record — but no playoff wins. Dak’s first four years, with better personnel: 40-24, one playoff win.

Dalton has three Pro Bowl appearances. Dak has two.

And Jerry Jones and Co. want us all to believe that this wasn’t a leverage move against Dak? To quote the great Chad Johnson, “child, please”.

We all know that Dalton is a competent, hell a VERY GOOD, QB in this league. For him to be able to win in Cincinnati of all places, lets us know how good of a QB he is. It also helps that he is a great guy in the locker room and in the community.

In addition to the QB drama going on in Green Bay, this is going to be the most fascinating storyline to watch heading into the 2020 NFL season — if we have one.

Dak, since you and your agent haven’t been able to attain a new contract, your ass is officially on the clock…

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  1. Dak has an offer on the table to become the highest paid quarterback in the history of the game. He wants 4 years instead of 5, and he may just shoot himself in the foot here. I love the guy, but he’s not exactly Patrick Mahomes, is he? Far be it from me to say take less money, but the offer on the table is frankly much higher than his production merits. Dak has been on the clock for about 10 months now. He needs to commit.

  2. I think there are a few things that fans and mostly tv personalities with vendettas against the Cowboys are not saying or even considering. First, there are distinctions between all-pro(best at position in the entire league), pro-bowl(best in different conferences++++ this is a fan voted award to play in a game that absolutely no one I know watches), veterans who contribute and provide tons of experience for younger players to learn from, and then everyone else. Dak clearly is not a perennial all-pro quarterback(think in the past-Brady,P. Manning, Rodgers) never been a first team or second team all-pro. Clearly has about the same resume as Kirk Cousins(pro bowls in 2016 and 2019) Cousins is pulling in low 30s as in millions. Now, almost anyone you hear from speaks that Dak wants a 4 year deal so he can hit the market again while he’s still young. It’s clear Dak wants to be treated like Manning and Rodgers with huge contracts suited to his liking but is he truly worthy and can it be said that there are probably a good 10-15 quarterbacks with similar resumes? A competent quarterback will win you 8 games(Dalton,Dak) a great defense will win you 3-4 more. A legendary quarterback wins you superbowls. That, we do not have on this roster, therefore I would just stick with the qb that is willing to take the lower pay and get rid of the disgruntled employee that wants to get paid like a super star..

  3. I pray that McCarthy is a miracle worker.

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