Gronk to Bucs: Say Hello to the Tampa Bay Patriots!

So Rob Gronkowski was traded from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 4th round pick in the 2020 NFL draft, while shipping a 7th round pick in the process. I would say I’m shocked, but I shouldn’t be given what all that’s been happening given the players involved.

Tom Brady signing with the Bucs in free agency. The Gronk trade. And this is what makes this whole thing even more interesting (or weirder depending on your point of view): Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht was a scout with New England in 2000 and was in the draft room that year when the Patriots selected the quarterback out of Michigan in the sixth round.

Yeah, might as well call these cats the Tampa Bay Patriots.

As for the trade itself, I’m not tripping much off of it.

For one, keep in mind that Gronk had been retired all last season. Even though his football IQ may not dissipate anytime soon, I don’t know if his body is ready for any kind of hits. I do think it’s kind of funny that both Gronk and Brady really wanted to get the hell away from Patriots coach Bill Bellicheat.

That said, it’s gonna be hella exciting watching the Bucs play this coming season — if there is gonna be a season at all (damn you, COVID-19!).

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