Wilder Is D-U-N Done

I am a big fan of Deontay Wilder.

I love his story, namely how he stumbled into boxing after having played basketball. He got into the boxing game in part to help pay for his daughter’s spina fida treatments.

I also love how good of a guy Wilder is.

He presents himself well on television, how he laughs at himself and puts the interviewer at ease. Hell, what he did for Tyson Fury in giving him a chance to fight him in person to help him get through his drug addiction and depression told me all there is to know about Wilder, the man.

And finally, as much as I love the fact that Wilder is a deadly power puncher, Fury helped expose a major flaw for the boxing world to see.

Wilder can’t box. Period.

A boxer who is technically sound would have an easier time in getting him/herself out of trouble.

When Fury actually brought the fight to Wilder, the latter didn’t have a way to avoid the onslaught and possibly turn the tide. Wilder cannot slip and slide around Fury’s punches. He also wasn’t as good in cardiovascular shape as Fury.

I mean, when a man boasted how he is gonna take you out and actually DO IT — you have to go back to square one. And that’s what Wilder has to do if he has any hope of getting back to the top of the mountain.

Because once Fury — who fought a mostly technical fight in their first fight — beat Wilder at his own game, that took away the one thing Wilder held over the heavyweight division: fear. Now I fear that Wilder’s run is coming to an end before our very eyes.

Could Wilder change things up and get his belts back? Sure he can, but I doubt it…

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