Sad to Say This, But Willie Taggart Had to Go

This rant really hurts my heart.

By all accounts, Willie Taggart is a great dude. He is approachable, very friendly, and treats people with respect and dignity.

I was hoping he was going to be successful as the head coach of Florida State University, much less last the duration of his contract. Unfortunately, dude didn’t even last through his second season as he was fired by the university yesterday afternoon after getting spanked by the Miami 27-10.

So if you’re keeping score, Taggart has dubiously achieved the following: an 0-6 record against Florida, Miami, Clemson and Notre Dame; a 9-12 record at Florida State; and a quite a few forgettable moments. A wide receiver lining up BACKWARDS vs. Louisiana-Monroe, preceded by choking away a big lead vs. Boise State. And that comment about his own players not being properly hydrated?!


Oh, there’s more. Losing 59-0 at home to Clemson last season. The embarrassing performance vs. Florida where a Gators player had to tell Taggart and his staff that FSU didn’t have enough players on the field!

Amateur hour all the way around.

Look, I get the Taggart walked into a next to impossible situation. Former coach Jimbo Fisher checked out before he was hired by Texas A&M. The culture Jimbo left behind put Taggart behind the 8-ball because of the malcontents the latter had to deal with. It also didn’t help that Fisher didn’t want to recruit offensive lineman the last two years of his tenure for some reason.

It’s just that Taggart appeared to be over his head from the jump. He said FSU was is dream job and he treated the job more like a fan than a coach. I’m hoping the brother lands on his feet and gets another opportunity at a major institution.

Meanwhile, I have to get in touch with Taggart’s agent. A $20 million buyout for a sub-.500 record has to be the biggest finesse job in sports since Bobby Bonilla.

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