My Knicks Are Idiots

Yes, I’ve inserted myself into the title of my rant. Please bear with me as a cry as I type.

I was born in Brooklyn in 1973, the last time my New York Knicks won the NBA title. My mother grew up in Brooklyn, and my dad made me a fan of the team since I was a little boy.

I remember the lean 80s, where Bernard King was the star in the early 80s and when things were so bad that we were able to draft Patrick Ewing with the overall #1 pick in 1985.

The 90s served as not only a reprieve, but as the ultimate glory years during high school through college.

Several playoff appearances. Atlantic Division titles. Eastern Conference finals appearances. Only that bastard Michael Jordan prevent me witnessing the Knicks winning titles.

After the last Finals appearance in 1999-2000 season, save for a season here and there, it’s been slow sledding for me and many Knicks fans out there.

Which leads us to what happened over the weekend.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving spurned my Knicks. Even worse, they went to the BROOKLYN NETS, the Los Angeles Clippers of New York.

The friggin Nets!

What’s worse than even that is the news that the Knicks’ ownership and front office decided against giving Durant the max. WHAT???!!!

I don’t care if Durant had a wooden leg and a kickstand, why in the hell didn’t owner James Dolan and co. didn’t offer Durant the max????? And now we are using our cap space to sign Julius Randle and some tomato cans named Wayne Ellington, Bobby Portis and the immortal Elfrid Payton (who the fuck is Elfrid Payton)??


Now we are living during the era where the Nets are much more well-managed than the Knicks — hell, the Nets are well run PERIOD.

Being a Knicks fan is so goddamned hard…

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