All Is Not Lost for the Knicks

I’m not gonna lie to ya, I was mad/sad that my New York Knicks will not be able to draft Zion Williamson.

I cursed like a sailor last night. I sequestered myself in my master bedroom so my wife wouldn’t have to see me ranting and raving, wanting to throw stuff around.

Mind you, I wasn’t NEARLY as bad as when my Knicks drafted Kristaps Portzingis because I (and most fans) knew dude could actually ball, but I was bummed nonetheless.

Look, I still think the NBA Draft is rigged. Commissioner Adam Silver wanted to throw the New Orleans Pelicans a bone for the Anthony Davis trade drama it endured. I’d also argue the league did the Los Angeles Lakers a favor by giving them the 4th pick, therefore making it easier for them to trade for Davis.

Having said all that, this Knicks fan is happy with the prospect of having RJ Barrett on his squad. Hell, I’d also be happy with Ja Morant.

Both kids would be better fits with free agents Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (doesn’t hurt to dream). Barrett and Morant can get their own shots, and would excel more in this modern NBA.

I love Williamson.

I think he is one of the freakish athletes to enter the NBA. He is the size of a defensive lineman, but can get up and down the floor and is so damn explosive. Oh, it doesn’t hurt that he has mad ups, too.

I just worry about Zion’s health long term.

Dude is 275 pounds, and he’s not even 19 yet. Last I checked, your ass gets heavier as you get older. And he’s only 6-6. How in the hell is that going to work for his knees?

Look, I’m pulling for the young brother long term, and I hope he has a fabulous NBA career. I just think my Knicks’ future with Barrett is more promising…

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