Game of Thrones Post Episode 8:5 Power Rankings

I’m mad. Very mad.

I’m mad that the person I was pulling for to take the Iron Throne from Cercei Lannister in seasons’ past (Daenerys Targaryen) has turned into the monster the former was. I’m mad that lots of innocent people were killed because of Daenerys’ descent into madness.

I’m also mad that Cercei did not get to die the gruesome death that many of us longed for. I hated the fact that Jamie Lannister went back to be with his evil-ass sister over Brienne Tarth for some reason.

But more than that, I hate the fact that the writers have appeared to be lazy and led us on to think that this episode was going to be more epic than “The Battle of Winterfell”. It also appears that this great TV series may go the route of “Lost” and worse, “The Sopranos”.

Yes, I know last night was the penultimate episode and more may happen next week. It’s just that at the end, I’ve kinda thrown my hands up at this point.

At any rate…

1. Daenerys Targaryen

I’m mad that I’ve been pulling for her since Season 1. The way she found her way to the top after overcoming obstacle after obstacle. The ultimate “started from the bottom now we’re here” story.

And yes, she appears to be the new Queen B now. Avenging her best friend’s death by taking King’s Landing.


To see her go out like this: a descent into madness by burning the ENTIRE CITY to the ground after the “surrender bell” was sound, killing thousands of innocent people in the process? Naw B, I’m starting to hate this bitch now.

2. Sansa Stark

Something tells me she has something up her sleeve. She told Tyrion of Jon Snow’s lineage because she KNEW he would spread the word and undermine Daenerys’ leadership.

Either way, look for Sansa to make MAJOR noise in the next/last episode. She’s got a lot of Littlefinger in her.

3. Tyrion Lannister

He (along with Jon) tried to convince Sansa that Daenerys would not go apeshit crazy like her daddy did. Let’s just say he saw how that turned out.

Tyrion is going to side with Jon’s bid to win the Iron Throne, even though the latter made it clear he doesn’t want it. Having the clever Tyrion still around is going to be a detriment to Daenerys, so look for her to try and deal with him next week.

4. Arya Stark

Daenerys didn’t realize that Arya was on the ground witnessing the carnage. You better believe she was added to Arya’s list.

And if you all have been paying attention to past seasons, y’all would know that Arya’s abilities could her close enough to Daenerys to do the job.

5. Cercei Lannister

I hated that trick, but I hated even more that she didn’t meet a more inglorious death. I wanted to see one of the main characters (especially Arya) slit her damn throat – or something! I guess we all can’t get want we want.

At any rate, what a change a week could make. Cercei went from the Queen B to crushed, literally.

6. Jon Snow

Maybe, just maybe Jon will start listening to his sister – ERRR, I mean – first cousin Sansa and do something about Daenerys? I’m looking forward to a possible Dany vs. Jon showdown next week.

7. Jaime Lannister

What I’ve learned in my soon to be 46 years on earth is that pussy can make dudes do dumb things.

Jaime should have just stayed behind and lived happily ever after with Brienne Tarth. Instead, he and his wretched incestuous sister were crushed under the Red Keep.

Oh well…

Wildcard to look for next week

Asha Yara Greyjoy

She’s still out there and may have a fleet of her own after her uncle Euron was killed. Look for her to aid Jon, Sansa and Co. vs. Daenerys next week.

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