Lakers Too Chaotic for Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson was brought last summer to be the Los Angeles Lakers’ head of basketball operations for one BIG reason.


The previous years were turbulent and dysfunctional at best, littered with dubious personnel and coaching decisions by his predecessor Jim Buss. Magic was supposed to represent the gateway to a new beginning.

And it started off with a bang. LeBron James signed as a free agent last summer, which led to lots of optimism and insane expectations of “playoffs or bust”.

Then the groin injury to LeBron happened. The botched trade for Anthony Davis which alienated the Lakers’ young talent happened.

All of that was followed by reports of Magic and owner Jeanie Buss having disagreements over the fate of embattled head coach Luke Walton. And if that wasn’t bad enough, an expose written by writers at ESPN threatens to expose Magic as a tyrant who is difficult to work for.

Oh, and the Lakers will be missing the playoffs for a sixth straight season.

Man, did this shit go left quick or what?

It’s time for Lakers fans to be real about something: their squad is not the glamorous franchise it once was.

What basketball executive would want to work with that crappy roster? It’s basically LeBron, Kyle Kuzma, and a bunch of cats who can’t shoot.

Would that same executive want to deal with general manger Rob Pelinka, who is alleged to be not but so trustworthy by Magic himself? Pelinka is also said to be hated by fellow general managers and other executives in the NBA.

And what coach would want to take on the headache that is LeBron, with his drama-loving ass? Think Ty Lue, Mike Brown, Erik Spoelstra and David Blatt have such glowing things to say about him?

In short, who the hell would want to work there?

Magic didn’t want to deal with this shit anymore. Can’t blame him either. Hell he wanted so bad, he didn’t even tell Jeanie first — and he’s supposed to be VERY close with her.

What a shit show this has turned out to be.

At any rate, good luck with this Lakers fans — y’all gonna need it…

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