Congrats to the Virginia Referees!!!



Look, this is the ultimate redemption story for the Virginia Cavaliers. I get it.

Last season the Cavs became the first #1 seed (and in this case, an OVERALL TOP SEED) to lose to a 16-seed. And not only did they lose to UMBC, they got their asses kicked.

Now the Cavs sit atop the college basketball mountain after last night’s overtime win over Texas Tech. Again, one helluva redemption story.

But let’s be honest here, Virginia has been VERY charmed in this tournament, beginning with the Elite Eight. If how they made it past Purdue was impressive (check YouTube), did this:

  • Questionable foul call (tripping) on Texas Tech when Virginia’s Kyle Guy tripped over his own two feet.
  • An obviously missed double-dribble on Ty Jerome vs. Auburn in the Final Four, ANNNNNNND…
  • A foul call on Auburn’s Sami Doughty slightly touching Guy on a missed game-winning 3 point shot.

But hey, I’m not gonna poo-poo on the Cavs’ parade. Their national title was well-deserved, and shit. Oh, and one more thing:

“A-C-C!! A-C-C!!! A-C-C!!!!!!”

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