Gotta Give it Up to the Patriots (Sigh…)


Here I was thinking that the New England Patriots were at their most vulnerable this season.

They lost five games this year, one of which was to my Pittsburgh Steelers. They lost a crazy game to the Miami Dolphins. They got their asses kicked in Tennessee by the Titans. They were terrible on the road. Their defense couldn’t stop me and 10 brothers from Avondale, Cincinnati.

But here the Patriots are again, competing for yet ANOTHER Super Bowl title. They have a chance to tie my Steelers for a sixth title.


New England has made the Super Bowl nine times out of the last 19 years. That’s almost a 50% clip!! For those you who suck at math, that means the Patriots have made one out of the last two Super Bowls.

I don’t know why the hell I had the nerve to pick against New England vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. You’d think I know better than that by now.


The Patriots are our generation’s 90s Dallas Cowboys, though more like the 80s San Francisco 49ers. Tom Brady is our generation’s Joe Montana, and Bill Bellicheat is our Bill Walsh. You just can’t kill these mutha(truckers).

It’s time that I, and every Patriots hater, to give them props. We are witnessing greatness — again, nine Super Bowl appearances in 19 years! In a league that is built to preserve parity, we may never see a similar run to greatness again.

The Patriots are great, and Tom Brady is the greatest.


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