Clemson Is the New Sheriff in College Football

Earlier today, I ranted on why Alabama is not going to fall off. I think any prediction of the Tide’s demise is, frankly, beyond stupid.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to not respond to what Clemson did last night.

We college football fans have been waiting for a squad to emerge as a legitimate foul for Alabama. And we have found one in Clemson.

Last night was not like a couple of seasons ago when Deshaun Watson threw a last second TD pass to Hunter Renfrow to beat Bama. That game could have EASILY gone the other way.

That wasn’t the case last night. That 44-16 curb-stomping not only proved that Clemson is LEGIT legit — it is just better than Bama.

When was the last time we could honestly say that any team was better than the Nick Satan-led Crimson Tide? The first time in forever, we can actually go into the offseason and say that the Tide is not the best team.

Hell Clemson has emerged as the favorite for next season’s champion. Man, is that shit weird or what?

And you wanna know the scariest part? A lot of those kids on Clemson are coming back.

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence is a TRUE FRESHMAN. As is wide receiver Justyn Ross. Travis Etienne is coming back next season. The Tigers are very deep on defense.

Head coach Dabo Swinney has the program rolling, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. And that’s a credit to him and his staff.

God help the rest of the Atlantic Coast Conference — and the rest of college football…

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