Michigan over UCF?! REALLY???

CFB-Playoff-Vertical Signature_RGBFor the record, I am – and have been for a while – a supporter of a playoff in college football.

It may have taken me a while to warm up to the idea, but I eventually came around.  And so far, the lead-up to the final College Football Playoff rankings by the committee has been as good and exciting as advertised.

Having said all of that, forgive me for scratching my head over tonight’s rankings.

Michigan over Central Florida?!  A two-loss soon-to-be nonconference champ over an undefeated team playing in its conference championship??  A team that just got its ass kicked by its archrival (AGAIN) over a team that won its 24th game in a row???!  REALLY?????

Look, I get that UCF does not have the best resume – if much of one at all.  The Knights’ best win is over then-#24 Cincinnati at home in prime time.  I also get that Michigan is somewhat “sexier” than UCF.

But UCF didn’t lose twice (like Michigan) and didn’t get its ass kicked in one of those losses (like Michigan).  I mean the committee can’t punish a competitive squad from the “Group of Five” like this, …could they?

Maybe I should relax because after all, this is not the last College Football Playoff rankings.  UCF may win by a large margin and leapfrog Michigan when it’s all said and done.  Heck, depending how Oklahoma, Ohio State and Georgia do in their conference championship games, the Knights may move up some more.

Or they may lose to the Memphis Tigers and all this shit would be rendered moot.  Ya never know…

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