The Yankees Will Be Just Fine

Those who know me well know just how emotionally I am in my beloved New York Yankees.

And even though those damn Red Sox were far and away the better team than my Yankees, it hurt too damn much to see my squad go out like that. In four games. It didn’t even get to a deciding game!

Also, there the questionable moves made by manager Aaron Boone. Leaving Luis Severino in deep into the four inning when it was obvious he didn’t have his best stuff. Not using his bullpen personnel properly.

And could I ever count on Giancarlo Stanton to show up in the postseason? I know this was his first postseason series and all, but damn homie at least give a brother a multi-base hit, an RBI or something!

Even after all of that said, I think my Yankees are going to be alright. Hell, we were ahead of schedule last year when we made it to the ALCS as a wildcard team.

And as I said earlier, Boston was just WAY better than New York. It was a great feat to see my Yankees win 100 games and snagging the top wildcard spot.

I just need general manager Brian Cashman to go get us some pitching. That’s all we Yankees fans ask.

We already have the hitting. We already have a couple of studs in Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres. And hopefully Stanton will hit better in future postseasons.

My Yankees can no longer afford to get by with Severino, Tanaka (though he did pitch well), J.A. Happ and an old-ass C.C. Sabathia. Get some young studs to bolster the rotation. Hell, we’ve already have a great bullpen.

Do that, and we’ll catch and lap those damn Red Sox in the AL East. Maybe knock off the Houston Astros in the playoffs, too?

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  1. At the end I thought maybe their best chance for NYY was for the speedy pinch runner to try to steal 3rd and force an error. Kimbrel was shaky but finished strong. Stanton’s AB in the 9th was really bad. Well, at least Judge provided some thrills. The Yankees will be back!

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