2018 NFL Week 2 Preview

Game of the Week

New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars

Loved the trash-talking going on from Jalen Ramsey. I love the fact that the Jaguars are not afraid of the Patriots — and that Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski both responded to Ramsey.

That said, New England historically has a rough time in Florida, especially early in a given season. Expect those struggles to continue in the nasty heat and humidity in Jacksonville. Jaguars 20, Patriots 16.

Ass Whuppin of the Week

Saints over Browns. The Saints are pissed – MAD pissed — over that performance vs. Tampa Bay at home last week. No way they will lose two home games in a row. This shit will get ugly before halftime.

Thursday’s Game

Bengals over Ravens (I don’t give a damn if this was a day late, I still picked Cincinnati)

Sunday’s Games

Chargers over Bills
Steelers over Chiefs
Washington over Colts
Jets over Dolphins
Eagles over Buccaneers
Falcons over Panthers
Texans over Titans
Vikings over Packers (Aaron Rodgers has no damn business playing on one leg)
Rams over Cardinals
49ers over Lions
Broncos over Raiders
Cowboys over Giants

Monday’s Game

Bears over Seahawks

Record last week: 11-4-1 (great start, yo!)

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