Urban Meyer Needs to Come Correct

This story surrounding what Urban Meyer knew or didn’t know regarding the domestic violence committed by former assistant coach Zach Smith, who was fired last month, is getting more sordid by the minute.

Why would Meyer be so stupid as to cover up the heinous acts of a freaking wide receivers coach? Didn’t Meyer know that shit wouldn’t fly in the #MeToo climate that we’re in right now?

Of course, none of us outside of Meyer himself know for sure if he knew of the alleged domestic abuse or not. Or maybe Meyer wanted to escalate it but was told by athletic director Gene Smith to “stand down” until the cops get involved.

I know this: if it turns out that Meyer not only DID know of the domestic violence but didn’t even bother to report it on his own, Meyer should go down – and down HARD. And given his terse response to reporters when asked if he had knowledge of said violence, he better be right.

Of course, my cynical ass thinks the Meyer will find a way to beat this. After all, he wins too damn much and I don’t think the Ohio State administration would have the balls to put him out to pasture.

But the lesson keeps repeating itself many times over: the cover up is ALWAYS worse than the crime itself.


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