Why Are People Mad at Jalen Ramsey?

Before I rant away (its been a while, huh?), let me disclose the following.

As a lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I never had a lot of love towards the Jacksonville Jaguars, especially when they were in the old AFC Central Division. Hell, after the last season I REALLY do not have much love for them.

However, I do appreciate dudes who will speak their mind and back it up – on or off the field. Team affiliation be damned.

Enter Jalen Ramsey.

I’m sure y’all seen his quotes in GQ magazine by now. Sure, he criticized almost every quarterback in the league. Hell, he didn’t even give HIS OWN QB a lot of love.

And you know what, I have no problem with anything Ramsey said, nor how he said it. (And for the record, Jalen was dead accurate, especially on Joe Flacco and Josh Allen)

It just tickles me to see most of the sports media and some fans take issue with Ramsey’s candidness. These are the same folks who bitch and moan about players not being honest, not “keeping it real”.

Sure, it may be a bit mean spirited, but this is who Ramsey is.

You’re going to get candid. You’re going to get brutal honesty. You’re going to get “keeping it real”.

Memo to those offended sports media and fans: if you don’t like the heat, keep your ass out of the kitchen…

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