You Done Messed Up, San Antonio

I’m sure y’all are as intrigued over the Kawhi Leonard-San Antonio Spurs brouhaha as much as I am.

I mean, you have a team’s best player at odds with the best coach in the game and a first class organization, over what? Pride? Sensitivity? Hurt feelings?

Look, everyone knows how I feel about coach Gregg Popovich. Not only is he the best coach in the game right now, he’s arguably one of the best of all time. I’d put him top two, ranking him only behind Boston Celtic great Red Auerbach.

Having said that, I blame Pop and the Spurs for causing this rift.

I understood why the team would be vexed by Kawhi only playing NINE games last season because of a thigh contusion, or whatever. And I get that the Spurs has championship aspirations before the season.

But they shouldn’t have put Kawhi on blast like that. I mean, having a Tony Parker/Manu Ginobli-led team meeting where they essentially questioned Kawhi’s heart. And then Coach Pop essentially throwing Kawhi and his camp under the bus when answering a question about his player’s status with, “go ask him and his team”? Really?

Now reportedly Pop is on his way to Southern California to meet with Kawhi and try to make peace. Doing so wouldn’t hurt, but I think this book is VERY CLOSE to being closed.

This shit is getting more interesting by the day. Stay tuned…

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