What Should the Future Hold for the Toronto Raptors?

I meant to write this rant the evening of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ sweep of the Toronto Raptors. In fact, I was so disgusted with the Baby Dinosaurs I was ready to write those jokers off altogether.

Then I slept on it.

I started to take a deeper analysis into what Toronto has going on as well as what is about to happen to the Cavs in the future — as in next season.

That LeBron James feller, who has singlehandedly owned the Baby Dinosaurs, might not only leave the Cavs in the off-season, but the Eastern Conference altogether. If the latter were to come true, Toronto could exhale, strengthen their bench, and give it one last run.

The only thing is the Baby Dinosaurs would REALLY have to go all-in next year because despite the absence of LeBron, the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and perhaps the Indiana Pacers will be loaded, have playoff experience and be supremely confident (respectively). No Finals appearance in 2019 means Toronto would have to break up the band.

Then I started to think on it some more. And some more. And some more.

Dwane Casey is the 2017-2018 NBA Coach of the Year, and it rightfully so. He led the Baby Dinosaurs to 59 wins, and a top seed in the Eastern Conference. His players love him and I’ve heard nothing but good things about him.

However, Game 1 happened. And more egregiously, Game 3 happened. Both times, Casey allowed LeBron to send the game into overtime (Game 1) and beat his squad at the buzzer (Game 3).

If you know anything about basketball, you don’t let the game’s best player beat you. It’s even more criminal if you assign a rookie to guard him. The fact that Casey did not at least trap LeBron BOTH GAMES — and again, chose to have a ROOKIE GUARD HIM — is unforgivable. In fact, it’s a fireable offense.

And while they are at it, the Baby Dinosaurs should break up the roster. Send Kyle Lowry elsewhere. If DeMar DeRozan didn’t sign that huge contract last off-season, his ass would be next to go as well.

Either way, it’s going to be a LONNNNNG summer for the Baby Dinosaurs. “We the North”, my ass…

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