The Browns’ Future Looks Good After Draft

I cannot believe I’m about to go on this rant. In fact, I’ve been soooo hesitant to do so because I actually believe the Cleveland Browns — yes, the franchise I call the “Brownies” — are trending up.

Before y’all think I’ve lost my damn mind, hear me out on this.

The Browns REALLY did have a good draft.

Say what you want about Baker Mayfield, but I believe he was the best QB in the draft. He doesn’t have to see the field right away because he has a competent QB in Tyrod Taylor to learn from for at least a year.

Cleveland also nabbed Denzel Ward from Ohio State with the fourth pick. Even though I thought they’d get Bradley Chubb from my alma mater NC State, Ward was the top corner heading into the draft and there is nothing wrong with shoring up a secondary.

And speaking of a Chubb, the Browns drafted Nick in the second round. People forget that Nick left Georgia with 4,769 rushing yards, second only to Herschel Walker in Georgia and SEC history.

Lastly, and perhaps not as known, was a pick Cleveland made in the fourth round: Antonio Callaway.

He is a wide receiver with first round talent, but was extremely troubled off the field. If he gets his head on straight, he could be a great addition to Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon (as long as the latter “stays off the WEEEEEEEEE-D”).

Still not convinced?

Take a gander at the future of the rest of the AFC North for a minute. My Pittsburgh Steelers have a QB who is on the back-nine of his career. The Baltimore Ravens are looking to shake things up offensively from the QB position, thanks to the first round selection of Lamar Jackson. And who the hell knows what’s going on with Mike Brown and the Cincinnati Bengals?

Look, I’m not saying the Browns will be world-beaters this season. I think they’ll be lucky to win seven games. However, don’t think for a minute that they are not set up for the long haul, especially given what’s going on with the their division rivals.

Just as long as they don’t go “Cleveland Browns” and find a way to muck it up…

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  1. The Browns 1-31 over the last two years- the only way is up. Maybe even 4 wins in 2018.

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