Relax Folks, Virginia Will Be Ok…

It has to suck to be a fan of the Virginia Cavaliers men’s basketball team. It sucks even harder to be one of the player – even harder for its head coach Tony Bennett.

After all, the Cavaliers became the first top-seeded team to lose to a 16-seed (the UMBC Retrievers) in NCAA tournament history this past weekend. If that doesn’t drive a team and its fan base to drink – or worse – I don’t know what will.

However, before Hoos Nation throws out the baby with the bath water, let’s keep everything in perspective.

First of all, Bennett is one of the best coaches the school has had (Terry Holland was its best coach). The Cavaliers have made the NCAA tournament in four of the six years under Bennett’s tenure. And keep in mind that Bennett is the only ACC coach to win 17 conference games in a single season, one of three in ACC history to achieve back-to-back 30-win seasons, and is a three-time ACC Coach of the Year.

Bennett’s style has been successful for so long: a motion offense and stifling defense. And he will still continue to get good recruits and will get the best out of them.

Look, everyone has bad games. The Cavaliers just happened to run into a team that was CRAZY hot, while they were unusually cold from the field. I know it sucks that the Cavs had to be the first top seed to lose to a 16-seed, but judging Bennett’s post-game press conference, I still think Hoos Nation is in good hands.

In short, the Cavaliers will still be among the best teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference, and will not be going anywhere on the national scene.

Still convinced that Bennett’s seat should be hot going into next season? For those who still think so, y’all are just stupid or haven’t seen enough Virginia’s games the last four seasons.

Virginia will be fine. Nothing more to see here, time to move along…

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