Jerry Jones: Al Davis 2.0

img_7982-26Jerry Jones has been on one helluva run over the last month or so.

Let us chronicle the Dallas Cowboys owner’s shenanigans.  First, he inserted himself in the midst of the players protests during the national anthem, saying that he wanted the NFL to make a mandate for the players to stand during the anthem.

Sidebar: before proceeding, let me say once again (I’ve been saying this constantly on my podcast ‘The Klown Hour’ all season) that those ARE NOT PROTESTS AGAINST THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!  The players, started by Colin Kaepernick, have been protesting police brutality against unarmed people of color (and others) and other injustices against marginalized people (minorities, women, LGBTQ) in this otherwise great country.

Next, he made a public stink over the league’s handling of star running back Ezekiel Elliott’s six-game suspension.  Jones, like most of us, wondered why the league is so hell bent on suspending Elliott over domestic abuse, despite the police departments in Columbus, Ohio and Florida summarily dismissed the charges.  The NFL’s own domestic abuse council recommended that Elliott should not be suspended.

Jones then had made it known that the NFL should not extend the contract of commissioner/warden/playa hater Roger Goodell, aka “Goodevil”.  He wants Goodevil’s contract to be ladened with incentives instead of a guaranteed salary, which reportedly has pissed the commissioner off.

And if THAT wasn’t enough, good ‘ol Jerry has taken his beef with Goodevil to a whole ‘nother level.

Dude says NFL owners are being misled about negotiations on a contract extension for commissioner Roger Goodell, and has hired a lawyer in case he wants to sue.  You read that right: Jones wants to sue the NFL over Goodevil’s inevitable contract extension.

Oh, and one more thing: Jones has been rallying other owners behind the scenes for his cause.  Reportedly Jones has at least six other owners in his corner, with about a dozen who are “on the fence”.

I never thought I’d see the NFL go through so much drama off the field during a regular season as this one.  It’s almost like watching an episode of “Real Housewives in the NFL” day after day after day.

It’s obvious that Jones has been channeling the spirit of his mentor Al Davis.  Davis was the epitome of an NFL owner who ran out of fucks to give when it came to the good of the league, and Jones is certainly headed down that road.

Shit is about to get VERY real VERY soon…

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