NFL Week 9 Preview

img_7982-26Game of the Week

Note: this was set to be published LAST week, not TOMORROW.  Dammit…

Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys

Easily the game of the day here.  This is huge for both teams in terms of playoff positioning in their respective conferences.  A loss by either team would, while not be but so catastrophic,  put them further behind the 8-ball.

Both teams have played great football last week, and while Dallas will be without RB Zeke Elliott this week due to his six-game suspension, I (unfortunately) like the Cowboys’ chances at home.  Dak Prescott is going to have a field day vs. the Chiefs’ defense, and believe it or not, the Cowboys’ D will make just enough plays against Alex Smith and the Chiefs’ offense…

Cowboys 27, Chiefs 19

Crapper of the Week

Texans over Colts.  Deshaun Watson’s injury means Tom Savage is back, which in turn means “turrible” QB play – which in turn means “turrible” football…

Thursday’s Game

Bills over Jets (yup, got that wrong…)

Sunday’s Games

Titans over Ravens
Saints over Buccaneers
Rams over Giants
Eagles over Broncos
Panthers over Falcons
Jaguars over Bengals
Cardinals over 49ers
Seahawks over Washington
Raiders over Dolphins

Monday’s Game

Lions over Packers

Week 8 record: 11-2 (YO….. your boy is STILL on a roll…)
Year to date: 61-43 (looking much better on the season…)

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