CFP Committee Got it Right with Georgia

College-Football-PlayoffThis may be one of the shortest rants I have ever produced because, well, I do not have any beef with the initial College Football Playoff rankings in 2017.

None.  Zilch.

Georgia is more deserving than Alabama of the top ranking, and the CFP Committee agrees with me.

I have always said that one should examine the resumes of top teams with identical records.  Georgia and Alabama are both 8-0.  Georgia’s best win was at Notre Dame (hell, that may be the best win of all teams at this point).

Alabama’s best win was over Florida State.  The same FSU squad who got curb-stomped 35-3 at Boston College last Friday night.  The same FSU squad that, with a starting lineup full of four- and five-star players, have won only two games this season.

As for the rest of the top four, can’t argue with Notre Dame and Clemson at numbers 3 and 4, respectively.  Of the one-loss teams, both has the best resumes to date.

The Irish crushed USC and my alma mater North Carolina State (great place to watch your squad get its ass kicked, by the way).  Their schedule gets tougher with road games at Miami and Stanford on the docket.  Hell, their next home game vs. a tough Wake Forest team is nothing to sniff at as well.

Simply put, if Notre Dame runs the table, it shouldn’t be kept out.

Clemson’s resume includes wins over Auburn at home, and Virginia Tech on the road.  The rest of the Tigers’ schedule includes a road games at NC State, and South Carolina.  If they run the table, the Tigers may face Miami or Virginia Tech in the ACC title game.

As with the case with Notre Dame, if Clemson wins out, they’re in.

As for Penn State and Ohio State fans bitching over this, have a few seats.  Penn State’s biggest wins were at home against overrated Michigan and sorry-ass Pitt.  And while Ohio State did beat Penn State, it got curb-stomped at home vs. Oklahoma.

It’s early and anything could (and probably will) happen, but for now fans of both squads should drink a nice, tall glass of “shut the hell up”.

Oklahoma is truly the team knocking on the door.  The Sooners are one Notre Dame or Clemson loss away from jumping to the top four.

Oh and one more thing (and no, this ain’t going to go down as my shortest rant ever), the following screenshot should cement my status as the “Negro-damus of college football”:

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