2017 NFL Week 6 Preview

img_7982-26Game of the Week

Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers

In a week of lackluster match-ups, this makes the cut by default.  This looks good on paper considering the fact that both are in first place in their respective divisions and are considered two of the top teams in the NFC.  Too bad this is a Thursday night afar, which means it will find a way to be a dud.

That said, I’m picking Carolina.  It’s in Charlotte, so there you go…  Panthers 20, Eagles 16.

Sunday’s Games

Ravens over Bears
Texans over Browns
Packers over Vikings
Lions over Saints
Falcons over Dolphins
Patriots over Jets
Washington over 49ers
Buccaneers over Cardinals
Jaguars over Rams
Chiefs over Steelers
Raiders over Chargers
Broncos over Giants

Monday’s Game

Titans over Colts (back-to-back shitty Monday Night Football match-ups)

Week 3 record: 7-7 (ugh…)
Year to date: 35-27

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