Carmelo Is FINALLY Free!!!

I normally would have posted anything newsworthy concerning my New York Knicks, let alone a trade involving Carmelo Anthony, less than 24 hours after it happened.  Given the media frenzy thanks to a sitting president threatening the NFL and its players over the anthem protests, I kinda got lost in the sauce for a bit.

But now I’m back, ready to delve into what the ‘Melo-to-Oklahoma City Thunder-for-Enes Kanter and Doug McDermott trade means for the teams involved.

First, the Thunder made out pretty well for a team acquiring a star player, even if he is one on the “back nine” of his career.  Melo will still give you 20-25 a night, and is capable of scoring 40 on any given night.  And given the Thunder didn’t actually have to gut too much their depth to get him, that’s pretty damn shrewd of general manager Sam Presti.

Imagine how relieved point guard Russell Westbrook has been this summer.  His front office got him two star players who should help alleviate the scoring load immensely.  And the other star, Paul George, could also play some defense.

I’m not saying that the acquisition of Melo will keep Westbrook in OKC after this season (I still think his ass is as good as gone), but give props to OKC making Russ’ current situation more desirable than last season.

As for my Knicks, it’s obviously clear that they are FINALLY rebuilding, but at least it’s around a budding superstar like Kristaps Porzingis.  And they got some decent pieces in Kanter and McDermott to help buffer some depth.

It ain’t ideal, and we’re certainly not making the playoffs next year, but at least my team has been given a fresh start of sorts.

And speaking of fresh starts, none could be happier than Melo himself.

He goes from a toxic, dysfunctional situation to a stable franchise that competes for the postseason year in and year out.  Melo has more talent around him in Westbrook and George, and most of all, expectations are at an all-time low for him.  All Melo has to do is find a way to fit in and contribute on the offensive end.

Besides, don’t y’all think Melo will be on a mission this season?  He’s looking to prove all those who have viewed him as a guy who is no longer among the best players in the league.  I expect this dude to have a REALLY big year, and the Thunder would be quite appreciative.

Hell, I’m surprised my Knicks were able to get two decent players for Melo.  They would’ve gotten more if former team president/bozo Phil Jackson didn’t do his damnedest to diminish Melo’s trade value by constantly belittling him.

Which is one of the many reasons why we had to #FirePhil…

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