Clemson: Alabama 2.0

Folks who follow college football say there are three things that are certain: death, taxes, and Alabama.

Time to add Clemson to that list.

This was supposed to be a “rebuilding” year for Clemson. How were the Tigers supposed to replenish the offensive talent it lost a year ago to the draft? Who was going to replace Deshaun Watson? Hell, how were the Tigers going to win with said QB?

Well, this “rebuilding” Clemson team beat two top 15 programs in back-to-back weeks. The defense stifled Auburn last week. It also made the stud Lamar Jackson look very ordinary this week — on the road.

If you stuck around to the end of last night’s game, you would have noticed that the Tigers’ SECOND-STRING running back — a true freshman, no less (!!!) — break off a long touchdown run near the end. A defense, also full of second-stringers, kept Lamar Jackson out of the end zone at the end.

What we all had come to realize last night was that Clemson has now become a football factory. The “next men up” could start at several other schools.

And no matter the circumstances and personnel, Clemson will always be considered one of the true powers in the sport year in and year out.

Kind of reminds you of a certain team clad in crimson who is coached by a legend, huh?

Credit head coach Dabo Swinney and his staff for their efforts in recruiting the right guys and fostering such an inviting atmosphere at Clemson University. His staff has turned Clemson into a national powerhouse less than five years.

Might as well plan for “Clemson-Alabama: the Trilogy” this coming January 2018…

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