NFL 2017 Week 3 Preview

Game of the Week

Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions

This is the chance the Lions to show they are for real. If they do rise up and beat the Falcons, then hell yes they are. Hell, I’d give Detroit rhe benefit if the doubt if it is at least competitive in a losing effort.

For the record, I like the Falcons in a close game. They are just too good right now…

Falcons 30, Lions 27.

Thursday’s Game

Rams over 49ers

Sunday’s Games

Steelers over Bears
Ravens over Jaguars (never picking the Jags this early again)
Broncos over Bills
Panthers over Saints
Colts over Browns
Buccaneers over Vikings
Patriots over Texans
Dolphins over Jets
Eagles over Giants
Seahawks over Titans
Packers over Bengals
Chiefs over Chargers
Raiders over Washington

Monday’s Game

Cowboys over Cardinals

Record last week: 11-5 (not a bad start…)

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