Hayward Signing Great, but Not Enough for Celtics

Gordon Hayward’s free agency journey was just that.  An epic one, if you will.  

But after witnessing the media’s fawning over Hayward in terms of where he would sign, one would think that this was the 21st century’s version of the next great “White Hope”. 

Look, in all seriousness, I like Hayward’s game — a lot.  

I have been a fan of his since he almost led Butler to an unlikely national championship vs. Duke.  I’m sure Dook fans would like to forget that last-second heave that ALMOST went in at the buzzer. 

And while it’s hard to pay attention to anything that the Utah Jazz do, it was good to see Hayward play a huge roll in his team’s playoff success.  It’s evident that dude has been working hard and his game has improved every year.  

Good on the Boston Celtics (I just threw up in my mouth after typing that) for being able to pry Hayward from Utah.  Too bad it won’t be enough to unseat LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers as kings of the Eastern Conference. 

I know Boston has some nice pieces.  

Isaiah Thomas is a stud.  Al Horford really stepped up his game in the playoffs.  Cats like Jae Crowder and Marcus Smart play with a lot of heart.  Brad Stevens is the best young coach in the NBA. 

And more importantly, the Celtics have a bevy of first round picks the next three years to either add or use to bring in a superstar.  

I just think that the Celtics need more than just Thomas and Hayward to beat Cleveland.  They need one star to compete with LeBron, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.  

And yes, I know Boston GM Danny Ainge was not going to risk moving his assets for one-year rentals like Paul George and Jimmy Butler.  And maybe Ainge will be able to land one of those cats in free agency.   Hell, maybe Ainge is waiting LeBron out. 

I’m just saying that Celtics fans should not get their hopes up but so high this season.  

Another division title, yes.  But unseating the big dogs from NE Ohio, not a damn chance…

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Great post!

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