Thoughts on Day One of 2017 NFL Draft…

The Bears don’t know what the hell they are doing. 

Sigh, where do I begin?  

First of all, the Bears already signed a QB (albeit a scrub) to theee years, and $45 million — $18 million guaranteed.  Then, after realizing “what the f$&k, we gave a scrubby QB $18 mil guaranteed?!”, wanted a QB of the future.  They were willing to mortgage their draft to do so. 

The only problem is, not only did they move only one spot — they swapped places with a team who had ZERO intentions of drafting a QB in the first round.  In other words, all the Bears had to do was wait instead of trading up ONE SPOT. 

There is a reason why teams perennially suck…

The 49ers have acquitted themselves well. 

Let’s see…

First, a rookie GM and head coach managed to fleece one team for picks (those sorry-ass Bears), and STILL got their man (Solomon Thomas).  Second, they moved back into the first round and got perhaps the steal of the first round in Reuben Foster.  

The Niners’ D improved immensely on those two picks alone.  I expect hem to turn their focus to offense tonight, either via drafting or trades.  

Kirk Cousins would look REALLY good directing Kyle Shanahan’s offense.  Just saying…

Deshaun Watson landed in the best situation of the QBs taken. 

Patrick Mahomes may have something to say about that after being drafted by the Chiefs.  

But here’s the deal, Watson has the following going for him more so than Mahomes: 1) a great defense; 2) more weapons on offense.  And while I love Andy Reid to develop Mahomes, Texans coach Bill O’Brien will get a whole lot out of Watson.  

Hell if O’Brien could coach Tom Brady with no fear as an offensive coordinator, the sky is the limit for Watson. 

The Cleveland Browns should change their name to “Hoarders”. 

Ok, so the Browns got one of their guys (Myles Garrett), lost out on another one of their guys (Trubisky), picked a good wildcard (Jabrill Peppers), but didn’t get a quarterback to show for it.  

So now the Browns have two second round picks and a third rounder, bringing their remaining total to NINE PICKS.  They also have two first rounders and THREE second round picks. 

This may be the Steelers fan in me saying this, but y’all know the Browns are gonna find a way to screw it up…

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