Myles Garrett Is Top Pick by Default

In two nights we sports fans will be glued to our TVs, computers and smartphones.  

Not the NBA playoffs (as exciting as it is), not baseball, and we can’t even find the NHL playoffs on TV (damn Gary Bettman). 

It’s the NFL Draft, baby. 

Every year we get to pontificate over several things heading into the draft.  What our favorite teams’ needs are.  Which players our teams should draft.  Should our teams trade up or trade down. 

The biggest debate of all?  What player should be the top overall pick. 

Even though Myles Garrett is the consensus top overall pick, it sure doesn’t seem that way if you hear the way some draft tell it. 

They question his motor.  Half of his eight sacks came against the mighty UT-San Antonio.  He didn’t really jump off their TV screens when the tape was popped in. 

That was puzzling to NFL scouts, especially given the measurables Garrett put on display at the NFL Combine and his Pro Day.  (Which is why one should not be all excited over what a player does in shorts instead of watching tape, but I digress…)

Even still, if I were running the Cleveland Browns, I’d quit — errrr, I mean I’d draft Garrett first overall.  

I mean, who the hell is worthy of being the top overall pick?  

Mitch — sorry, he prefers being called ‘Mitchell’ — Trubisky?  Sure he has the tools, but not only did he started only 13 college games, he couldn’t beat out a dude who has practice squad talent before that. 

Deshaun Watson?  He played his best when the stage was he brightest, while winning the national championship and after losing it the year before.  Unfortunately, dude was a turnover machine last season (see the NC State, Pittsburgh, Florida State and Alabama games). 

Solomon Thomas?  He is not getting the hype the previous three have — though he is one helluva player.  

Garrett seems the safest best to me. 

In a league where team executives lose their jobs for issuing their first draft picks to busts, I wouldn’t expect major moves announced on Twitter.  This may be a VERY deep draft, but as I pointed out earlier, there are no CLEAR-CUT #1 pick. 

So we should be hearing this on Thursday night:

“With the top overall pick, the Cleveland Browns select: Myles Garrett.”

Knowing the Browns, they’ll STILL find a way to screw it up…

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