Phil Jackson Needs to Go

I’m not going to spend a lot of time ranting and raving over this, mainly because I am a diehard New York Knicks fan – and I don’t want to say anything out loud and risk getting myself fired. 

This thing going on between team president Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony is beyond silly.  It’s to the point where it has gotten juvenile.  

Why is Jackson trolling his own player in the press?  If he’s trying to get rid of the brother, why doesn’t he pump his player up – you know, RAISE HIS TRADE VALUE?  No general manager in his right mind is going to acquiesce to Jackson’s trade demands.  

So now my Knicks are stuck with Jackson and a rightfully pissed-off Melo.  This leaves a toxic situation where one of these dudes have to go.

I nominate Phil Jackson. 

Jackson has been a straight up disaster as a team president (drafting Kristaps Porzingis notwithstanding).  His signings and trades have done nothing but set the team back.  

Signing Joakim Noah for four years and $72 mil?!  Signing Courtney Lee for several years?!  Trading for a broken down Derrick Rose?!

Even worse, firing a coach who won 54 games (Mike Woodson) and hiring a novice in Derek Fisher?!  Really???

Getting back to Melo, how is Jackson going to convince OTHER stars to come when he is busy trashing his OWN star?  Porzingis himself has to be wondering if/when Jackson will turn on him.  

Mr. James Dolan, I am begging you PLEASE get rid of Jackson before thing get worse.  

Crap like this is why it is SO HARD to be a Knicks fan.  Sigh…

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