Tom Brady: the Greatest NFL Player

This is going to be a rather brief post because this is something that shouldn’t be too difficult to debate over. 

In leading the New England Patriots to a 34-28 overtime win in last night’s Super Bowl, QB Tom Brady became the first dude at his position to win five Super Bowls.  That’s one more than legendary QB Joe Montana.  

And speaking of which, a lot of folks (including me) have long considered Montana to be the greatest QB ever.  In addition to his four Super Bowl wins, he (and Terry Bradshaw) went undefeated in those appearances.  Brady, had lost two (should have been three if it weren’t for Pete Carroll’s bad play calling).  

While I get that Brady is now 5-2 in the big game, what matters more is that Brady has been to SEVEN Super Bowls.  That’s seven in 15 years for those not keeping score.  

If you need another reason why Brady is better, look at what he had to work with on offense compared to what Montana had.  Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman vs. Jerry Rice and John Taylor?

Finally, here are more Brady stats for you to chew on:

  • 14 division titles
  • 2-time NFL MVP
  • 5-time Super Bowl champion
  • 4-time Super Bowl MVP

That is called two things, folks: dominance and greatness.  

And just so that we are clear, I am not a Patriots and or Brady fan.  I hate both immensely.  However, I do know greatness when I see it – make no mistake, we are witnessing just that.  

Hell, I’m gonna keep it 100: Brady is the greatest NFL player of ALL TIME.  Period, end of discussion. 

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