LeBron James: the Biggest Crybaby in Sports

Only one person can upstage Tom Brady and his New England Patriots’ possible great dynasty after championship weekend.

LeBron James. 

After losing to the Utah Jazz a few nights ago, Mt. LeBron erupted.  You know, when he said he needs more playmakers and how “(expletive) top heavy” his roster is.

I’d tell LeBron this: dude, this is essentially the same squad that helped him bring an NBA championship to Cleveland.  Hell, you should thank Kryie Irving for hitting the game winning shot in Game 7.

Look, anyone who has played on a championship team would tell you that there are going to be peaks and valleys.  Most teams would almost always give a defending champ their best shot.  

Hell, the Sacramento Kings won IN Cleveland last night.  It happens. 

So all LeBron has to do is to keep his head up, kindly shut the hell up, and keep pushing forward.  That’s a big reason why it’s so hard to repeat as champions in sports on the professional level. 

And LeBron should have addressed that issue with management behind the scenes.  He should have never cried to the press.  

I’ll tell y’all one thing: as much as I hated Michael Jordan (go Knicks), he would have NEVER done that…

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