Cowboys Will Be Fine in 2017 – if Jerry Stays Out of the Way

Dallas_CowboysThe Dallas Cowboys had a good – check that, GREAT – 2016 season.

Sure they lost to the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round – and sure I smirked and screamed in jubilation when Mason Crosby nailed that 50+ yard field goal to win it.  And yes, I know the Cowboys’ defense was exposed for the mediocre defense it was.

Losing to Aaron “A-a-Ron” Rodgers is nothing to be ashamed of, especially given how well Dallas competed.  The defense DID come up with important stops after the Packers built an early 21-3 lead.

More importantly, the Cowboys’ much-ballyhooed rookies played well.  Dak Prescott played VERY well in his first playoff game – against Rodgers no less.  I haven’t seen a rookie QB who passed for three touchdowns and one pick in his first playoff game.  And Ezekiel Elliott had a good first game as well (28 carries for 157 yards).

Bottom line: as much as it pains me to say, the Cowboys’ future is bright.  In fact, they are not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

They are $40 million under the 2017 salary cap.  Their stars are young and either rookies (Prescott and Elliott) or already under a big contract (Dez Bryant).  Their offensive line is also young and built to last.

All the Cowboys need to do is fix the defense, given how set their are offensively.

The problem is, there is one thing that will derail Dallas’ future: Jerry Jones.

Jones is STILL noncommittal to Prescott being the team’s starter for 2017.  He would STILL prefer Tony Romo as his starter.

There is no way Romo could do as well as Prescott did this year.  That’s not to call Romo a scrub, but he is trending downward at this stage of his career.

But you know what, I want Jerry to screw what should be a promising future in Dallas.  Do your thing, bro!

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